LE6944 Operator

 Here is the SA Operator gas block that we re-engineered and machined from the standard Colt LE6940 front sight base (FSB). 
The LE6944 Operator shown in this photo has a 14-FIVE-16 inch Colt 1/7 chrome-lined barrel with a pinned/welded SA M16A2 compensator, the Reliabilty Package (RP) mods, the 694X-Operator gas block, and the upper receiver machined for KAC military rail covers (optional).  It also has Troy special production back-up folding sights. 
This close-up shows the SA gas block in fine detail with its taper pins contoured to the bottom radius.  You can also see that the gas tube location is much higher than a standard AR-15 carbine and requires a Colt 6940 gas tube (straight).  This design allows the special barrel nut wrench to fit between the gas tube and barrel.
Here is another LE6944 Operator living large, decked out in its optic-only configuration with a fixed stock.  This nimble carbine is riding under a Trijicon 4x32 ACOG (TA31RCO-M4CP) with bullet drop reticle designed specifically for the US Military 14.5 inch barrel.  A Geissele precision fire-control set will send the bullet down range.  This is a very sophisticated, well balanced, military-grade carbine.