— Schußwaffen Ausstellung —
People quite often ask about the Colt sub-compact weapons (SCW), built in very limited numbers and only in select-fire configuration.  Here is a semi-auto MK18SCW from the SA collection.  The lower receiver had to be modified to allow assembly with the SCW stock and bolt group.  These parts will not work correctly on a standard Colt semi-auto lower receiver.  In reality, this weapon is only slightly shorter and somewhat heavier than the production MK18.  And although this small carbine has run fine in very limited firing, its operational reliability remains questionable in real world use.
The TR6724 is a custom rifle based on the Colt Accurized Rifle (CAR A3) sold by Colt Manufacturing Co Inc. - model CR6724. Specialized Armament disassembled this entire firearm, machined the 24 inch 1/9 HBAR stainless steel barrel in several areas, shortened the barrel to 20 inches and factory threaded it (1/2-28 UNEF) for the standard M16A2 compensator. Afterwards the gas block and pins were modified to fit inside the LaRue Tactical 13.2 inch rail system.

The rifle shown above has been set up for optic-only use with an ACOG scope and Knight’s Armament Co. (KAC) military rail panels. Various Back-Up-Iron-Sights (BUIS) can also be mounted to the rail system and upper receiver, forming a 19 inch sight radius. This particular rifle belongs to a Los Angeles County Sheriff'’s Deputy from the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB).  It is mission capable in a wide variety of precision applications.
This special production, one-off, select-fire Colt weapon was done for a local LE Agency.  In addition to the full Reliability Package (RP) mods, this carbine also has a proto-type SA gas block and its front rails (3) machined to accept military rail covers (KAC).  The weapon will be used with ACOG optics only — shown here with back-up folding sights.

The special gas block came from a development proto-type in our PR6940 project.  The taper pin hole locations were accurately derived from the original Colt folding front sight assy, then precisely machined using custom gages and a special barrel fixture.
Our Colt 9mm Operator carbine has a 16.1 inch chrome lined barrel machined to 14.5 inches and contoured for the SA M16A2 compensator (bored for 9mm use and pinned/welded).  With the 9mm Reliability package, various accessories, and upgrades, this carbine has excellent balance and maneuverability.  It is FUN to shoot and still maintains a non-NFA status.
The precision rifle 6940 is a limited production firearm based on the Colt 694X series carbine. This project combines the Colt monolithic 5.56mm upper receiver assembly with a Krieger 18 inch stainless steel barrel manufactured exclusively for Specialized Armament. This custom barrel is combined with a Colt self-centering barrel extension and a special production gas block, properly taper-pinned to the barrel, to create the PR6940 barrel assembly. Each barrel, barrel extension, and bolt is serial numbered together for the highest precision possible. We are confident that this firearm with proper ammunition will be one of the most accurate 5.56mm semi-automatic systems anywhere in the world. Of course, there is huge range of accessories and nearly infinite number of variants possible from this base platform.
The XS6944 MOD B is a proto-type firearm based on the Colt 694X series carbine, intended for magnified-optic use only. It can also use be used with standard arming devices and/or back-up iron sights (shown). This weapon system incorporates a unique 5.56mm Colt barrel assy which has been highly modified for suppressed operations, along with a pinned gas block from the PR6940 rifle project. The Colt direct gas system and sound suppressor are carefully integrated, along with other specialty components, for long-term use without damage to the weapon itself. Consequently, this firearm will not cycle correctly without its required sound suppressor. Although developed for special operations use, this highly reliable carbine can be used in a wide variety of applications and with a nearly endless array of accessories.