M4 Reliability Package

The - RP

This Package is a proprietary set of modifications engineered and developed by Specialized Armament for the select-fire Colt M4 carbine. THOUSANDS of weapons utilizing our Reliability Package have been tested worldwide from 1995 to present. The mods include:
Several Barrel Assy Modifications
Multiple Gas system Modifications
Two Bolt group Modifications
Upgraded Buffer Assembly
Hammer Assembly and various other parts

Each modification is small on its own, but when grouped together, these upgrades will enhance the reliability and improve the overall function of your world class, combat proven Colt carbine. No further Technical Data will be released. 

SA has also developed RP mods for other direct-gas Colt/Military AR-15's:
M16 - M16A4 Rifles
Commandos, MK18's, and SP's (Special Purpose entry weapons)
Colt 6940 Series Carbines
Colt AR-15A4 Rifles

Once completed, these weapons are virtually "bullet-proof." A malfunction on an RP weapon can usually be traced to poor quality ammunition or a magazine failure. This RELIABILITY is impressive! Just ask around.

SGT Elmore, Squad Leader