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First, we would like to thank our great friends at Colt in West Hartford, Connecticut for all of their assistance and support for nearly thirty years.  Many people at the factory have helped SA with custom parts, special orders, proto-type components, engineering expertise, custom tools & fixtures, and a great deal more.  This has allowed us to further refine some of the finest auto-loading small arms in the world.
SA holds a Class II manufacturer FFL and can receive all types of customer firearms, silencers, and related parts. These items will be returned directly to their original owner. Once your project arrives, it will move to various machines, work stations, and assembly areas, as necessary – finally arriving back in admin & shipping. When all work is properly completed with an itemized total, we will send you a secure payment link for credit card use. Nothing is charged until everything is finished and approved. Our 10,000 sq ft facility is a busy place with lots of moving parts – Carefully orchestrated each day.    We are NOT open for walk-in sales or business.
— AR-15 —
M16 Rifle – M4 Carbine
SP1 – Sporter II – Sporter – Match Target – LE6940 Series – ad infinitum
SS101   Reliability Package - Colt M4 Carbine    $150
All modifications, special parts, gaging and assembly. More Info: M4 Reliability Package. This has been our most popular service for well over 20 years.  Exact same price since we developed this package for a Federal Agency in late 1994.
SS101X   The Perfect Colt / US Military M4 in Semi-Auto    $399
Including the 14-FIVE-16 inch bbl upgrade with SA military type compensator pinned/welded/machined (SS251), selector with indicator notch, the RP (SS101), Refinish any/all steel parts DOD-P-16232F Type M.  Customer must provide or purchase a COLT LE6920 or LE6920SOCOM carbine.  SS101X creates one of our top-of-the-line carbines from your carbine, without having to figure out all the internal components. An outstanding option for the Colt M4A1 SOCOM carbine.  (Note: Side sling mount, military M4 handguards, carry handle assy, 6-position SOCOM receiver extension, type 1 M4 buttstock assy NOT included.  These items are available for purchase.)
SS103   Colt/SA 14-Five-16 inch Barrel     $295
This service includes any required machining, pinning, welding, and finish work necessary to make a police/military 14.5 inch barrel assembly comply with legal standards for a 16 inch barrel.  The cost includes the SA M16A2 compensator or you can supply your own.  The complete barrel assembly will be beautifully refinished before installation.  DOD-P-16232F Type M.
Note: The top piece is a Colt LE6920 barrel machined to 14.5 inches with our SA M16A2 compensator installed. The 2-tone effect is created because the compensator's 1144 Stressproof steel is harder than the Colt CMV barrel steel. The bottom photo is a NEW Colt LE6920 barrel assy cut right out of the factory sealed bag for the photo.
The SA finish quality is quite obvious. ( 14-FIVE-16 )
SS104   Colt/SA 14-Five-16 inch Barrel - Colt LE6920 to M4-SE   $295
Send us your Colt LE6920 or LE6920 SOCOM upper receiver group – We will disassemble everything, precision machine the Colt 16.1 inch barrel to 14.5 inches, pin/weld the SA M16A2 compensator, machine the weld, refinish the new custom 16 inch barrel assy and reassemble the complete upper receiver group. Your Colt carbine will have the exact look, feel, and balance of the military M4 or M4A1. ( 14-FIVE-16 )
SS121   Reliability Package – Colt Commando & MK18    $175
Parts and modifications developed for Colt weapons with 11.5 inch and 10.3 inch barrel — both select-fire and semi-auto-only. This well tested RP creates a virtually bullet-proof 5.56mm SBR.
SS127   Reliability Package – M16A1 & M16A2 Rifle   $150
Modifications, special parts, gaging and assembly – including a re-engineered buffer assembly. SA has done RP work on hundreds of M16A1 rifles for police agencies across the country. The rifle RP allows these weapons to shoot hollow-point and other non-standard ammunition.
SS129    Reliability Package – Colt AR-15A4 Rifle      $150
Upgrades Package for the new Colt AR-15A4 semi-automatic rifle. This is the first production Colt rifle to incorporate the 52 degree feedramp barrel assy and carbine upper receiver, which requires a combination of the carbine and rifle modifications. While the AR-15A4 is a beautiful full-size rifle, it cannot correctly interchange its special (F) barrel assy with the real US Military M16A4 rifle. As we learn in the SA Advanced M16 Armorer Course – the Colt AR-15A4 is a “rife-bine.”
SS140   Reliability Package – Colt LE694X  (LE6940/LE6944/LE6945/LE6946)   $195
COLT Monolithic Upper Receiver – complete disassembly of the barrel and front sight base, modifications, parts and refinish of all bbl components.  (SS101 + LE694X barrel work) The LE6945CQB pictured above also had its upper receiver and bottom cover machined to accept the military KAC rail covers. These covers do NOT retain on standard Colt monolithic upper receivers.
SS144   Colt/SA 14-Five-16 inch Barrel  Colt LE6940 to LE6944SE   $295
With a little help from Colt, our company has designed, engineered and manufactured the special tools and gages for the LE694X series Colt barrel assembly, including the folding sight assembly.  We can take it ALL apart, do any required work, refinish and reassemble everything without a scratch or blemish. Send us your Colt LE6940 upper receiver group – We will disassemble everything, precision machine the Colt 16.1 inch barrel to 14.5 inches, pin/weld the SA M16A2 compensator, machine the weld, refinish the new custom 16 inch barrel assy and reassemble the complete upper receiver group. This service will create a Special Edition LE6944 with no NFA restrictions. ( 14-FIVE-16 )
SS145   Colt LE694X  Military Rail Covers   $99
SA will machine the Colt LE6940 series one-piece upper receiver and bottom rail to allow the use of Knight’s Armament (KAC) US Military rail covers, as shown in the photograph. We have provided this service with many variants to our police and government clients for a number of years. The Colt rails can be machined to allow KAC covers to attach in many different locations, including the top rail. This service is ONLY available with SS140, SS144, SS149 or the purchase of a complete Colt upper receiver group.
SS149   Colt/SA LE694X Operator Package   $595
These services create our Colt LE6944 Operator from a box-stock Colt LE6940 carbine and include SS140 and SS144 above, plus all the special gas block machining. We also provide these services for NFA firearms, both SBR and select-fire.
SS201   Barrel Assembly Installation – Sight Alignment    $75
Proper factory installation using custom tooling, fixtures and precision gages.  If you want your barrel assembly installed by the professionals, here it is.  No sighting/zeroing issues, nothing shooting loose, no excessive gas tube wear, no blemishes, no worries.  SA will also install ANY barrel assembly purchased from us at NO CHARGE.
SS213   Machine Front Sight Base and Barrel for Factory Taper Pins
This service has many RESTRICTIONS. SA receives dozens of requests to install various front sight bases (FSB) and gas blocks (GB). FIRST: Neither the FSB/GB nor the barrel itself can EVER have had pins installed before. FSB/GB must have NO holes and the barrel cannot have previous pin slots. We will not install Colt factory taper pins into barrel assy’s with aftermarket (straight) pins. Colt LE6940 folding sight assy’s cannot be installed on M4 barrels – the LE6940 series carbines use a different gas tube. SA will not machine or install gas blocks which have any type of screws. All gas blocks must be made from carbon steel (no stainless steel or aluminum) and approved by SA before any work will be done. This service includes:  All machining; refinishing of the barrel, handguard cap and FSB/GB; (2) Colt taper pins; and complete assembly of these parts. SA shop production and machine requirements will determine the current availability and time frame for this service.
SS245   SA Operator Gas Block from a Colt AR-15 Front Sight Base    $199
Includes ALL machining, hand work, and refinishing required to build a sleek new gas block from a factory Colt front sight base. The barrel assy, contoured gas block and custom pins are all refinished (SS800) in fine detail. Your Colt AR-15 gas system will operate exactly as designed and manufactured.   (Before-n-After)
SS251D   Rail System Installation – Daniel Defense RIS II   $99
Installation of the Daniel Defense RIS II rail system used on many SOCOM MK18’s. The 4-slotted barrel nut is tightened to proper torque using our high-strength SA barrel wrench. The DD RIS II also requires that the Colt front sight base be machined to fit inside the free-floating rail system.
SS252L     Rail System Installation – LaRue Tactical      $99
Rail system carefully aligned and installed at approx. 80+ ft lbs of torque, using a custom LT barrel nut wrench, along with other SA tools and fixtures.  Don’t try to take this apart at home!
SS275   Machine M4 Feed Ramps (Upper Receiver)   $75
If you have a RIFLE upper receiver, we can machine the 52 degree carbine feed ramps.  This milling machine operation will allow a modern carbine barrel assembly to go onto an older carbine or rifle upper receiver without feed problems. The receiver above is a rare Colt large pivot pin upper with forward assist machined for a current production LWT 14-Five/16 inch bbl assy, as part of a Colt AR-15 SP1/Model 653 retro build.
SS400          5.56mm Suppressed Weapons        Email us for help
Adding a SOUND SUPPRESSOR to any weapon system significantly alters the operating parameters.  Most auto-loading systems will self-destruct with prolonged suppressor use, unless major upgrades and modifications are made.  At SA we have built dedicated suppressed weapons for entire SWAT teams (starting in 1996) and we have learned a great deal.  Today our Suppressed Operator and Suppressed MK18 provide a highly integrated weapon system.  We can also modify your short-barrel COLT carbine for LE/Military operations or private use.
SS411   Barrel Threading for Sound Suppressors - Class 3A   $195
The cost includes disassembly/reassembly, machining, refinish work – everything. Each barrel is fixture mounted in a 4-jaw chuck and indicated to its true bore center: (run-out less than 0.0005 inch - "2.5 tenths" per side.) The close tolerance 1/2-28 Class 3A threads are cut on a full size engine lathe to near perfect axial alignment. SA will also shorten and crown the barrel at no extra charge during this process, as specified.  There are discounts for multiple units or barrel assemblies that have been removed from the upper receiver.

Colt LE6940 series upper receiver groups = $295
Machining off the bayonet lug and surface grinding the front sight base = $50
SS501    Machine Lower Receiver for M16 Pivot Pin   $95
This 4 step milling machine operation will allow COLT AR’s made in the 1990’s to accept the front M16 pivot pin, spring and detent – instead of the (single-sided) screw-type pivot pin assy.  If your lower receiver does not have a hole for the spring and detent, we can make one for you – perfect size, perfect depth, no run-out.  The cost includes the shop work and parts – installed.
Note: This service cannot be performed on Colt AR-15's and Sporters with "LARGE" front pivot pins - Double-Headed-Screw Assy. Made from 1964-1993.  (SP1's and Sporter II's)
SS502    Machine Colt Lower Receiver “Sear Block”
This service is no longer in production — Starting in late 1990, all COLT commercial SPORTER rifles had a steel “sear block” blind pinned into the rear area of the lower receiver.  This part is HARDENED steel and says “COLT” on the top.  The block prevents the use of full size hammers or automatic bolt carriers – neither of which is illegal.  SA will machine this block level with the lower receiver and back for hammer clearance.  This will allow proper interchangeability with all Colt 0.170 fire control and all Colt bolt group parts.  Nothing nefarious. 
Note:  Colt used several different sear bocks and pin styles during the years of production.  The Colt sear blocks with lower pins will be machined in a slightly different manner.  This service will still require the use of the Sporter/Match-Target 0.170 trigger and MAY not work with Geissele and various custom fire control parts.   SA is NOT going to remove the entire sear block for appearance reasons.  Reference the photo.
SS505   Installing and Staking Receiver End Plates   $65
Standard Service:  Install Colt receiver extension, end plate, and nut with proper torque. Stake nut and end plate using factory tools (two places). $45.
The item shown is a Mag-Pul ASAP receiver end plate machined to the exact radius of the Colt receiver extension nut, both parts carefully deburred and refinished at SA (SS800), then assembled and staked with a factory support fixture and arbor press. $75.
The precision craftsmanship is clear in the photo. It all fits perfectly.
SS599    Class 2 Manufacturers – Select-Fire Modifications   $200
This service is NOT available, except to licensed manufacturers with SOT and LE agencies!  Unfortunately, this law has been in effect since 19 MAY 1986.  SA is a Class 2 manufacturer licensed to provide weapons and services to certain restricted clients.  If you are a Class 3 dealer, with a “demo letter,” we will also be glad to provide you with COLT and SA products. Please, contact us for personal assistance.
SS800    Manganese Phosphate Plating (DOD-P-16232F Type M)
This is the original phosphate conversion coating known generically as “Parkerizing.”  SA uses the highest quality industrial grade chemicals and meticulous surface preparation to achieve a very high quality and durable finish on carbon steel.  The crystalline phosphate structure chemically bonded to the steel provides an excellent lubrication layer or the base for painted applications, seen on the MP5, SIG 550, Uzi/Galil, many FAL’s, etc.  We will quote this very labor intensive work by the job or by the hour.
SS801   Refinishing Barrel Assembly Components   $75
Manganese Phosphate finished in accordance with DOD-P-16232F Type M.  All parts are disassembled, degreased, deburred and prepped as needed.  This allows a smooth, uniform application of the phosphate finish during the timed chemical process.  After final inspection and lubricating, all parts are carefully reassembled – any pins or rivets will be replaced at no further charge.
SS802   Bolt Group Rebuild   $95
Complete rebuild of the bolt assembly and bolt carrier assembly.  Bolt and carrier with key are refinished (SS800) and all other parts are replaced – ejector parts, extractor parts, gas rings, cam pin, firing pin, and retainer.  The bolt group will look like band new.
SS900    Reliability Package – Colt 9mm SMG & Carbine      Email us for help
There are numerous different versions of the COLT 9mm’s with different requirements and parts.  SA has manufactured several upgraded components for this blowback operated system.
DE100    Design, Engineering, Shop Rate    $145/hr
This is just here to help people keep things in perspective. SA can do most types of custom work – proto-types; one-off’s; special tools, fixtures, gages; custom weapons; modified components; motorcycle parts; and so on…. We tackle dozens of difficult and unique projects each year. As shop supervisor, I am always looking for ways to group work together, decreasing customer costs and improving our speed/efficiency. We move work through the shop as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality. Precision craftsmanship is very important to us here at SA and we would like to thank all of you who keep us working.  Sincerely, Ken Elmore.
DX001   Weapon Destruction    $$$ or Trade
Yes, we will DESTROY any weapon that you have, by whatever means necessary.  Oxy-acetylene cutting torch, plasma cutter, 50 ton hydraulic press, bar folder, etc, etc.  When you need it absolutely destroyed, we are there for you!  We can definitely cut it, melt it, smash it, destroy it.  Engineers lead the way!
If you do not understand a service, if you are trying to combine several services, or if you cannot find what you want, please contact us by e-mail first at  We will be glad to give you a written response.  You may also receive a call from us.  After several years with the internet, we have learned that written Q&A works best.  We can give you simple or very detailed answers and you can reread them as needed.  You can also quote them back to us in the future.
Here is a little known fact. The COLT-Guys at SA have built/modified ALL sorts of special weapons for numerous clients, dealers, and manufacturers: Semi-Auto and Select-Fire. All the weapons pictured below were built or highly modified at Specialized Armament.
HK200  Heckler und Koch GmbH
Dozens of custom firearms:  MP5, HK94-PDW, HK94SD, Mini-53, MP5k-PDW, MP5/40, MP5/40k, MP5/10, HK33, HK33k, HK53, HK11, G3, G3k, und so weiter.  SA has fabricated intricate welding fixtures, milling machine & lathe tooling, hydraulic press guides, special gages and hand tools, etc.  Our shop has also cut receivers; machined/welded trunnions; modified/welded cocking tubes, paddle flaps, bolt carriers, flash suppressors, etc.  We have installed and removed hundreds of barrel assembly’s and done precision machine work on many.  Stimmt. Wir können die sogenannten Blechwaffen aus Oberndorf schön bearbeiten.  If you have an HK91, HK93, HK94, SP89 – semi-automatic, NFA-SBR, registered receiver, registered sear, registered pack – we can create amazing collector quality firearms for you.
FN300  FN FAL Series
Extensive tooling, fixtures, gages.  You name it and we have done it with the Belgian pattern & Inch pattern firearms - rifles, para’s, carbines, SBR’s.  Type 1’s, Type 2’s, Type 3’s – FAL’s, R1’s, G1’s, StG58’s, L1A1’s, L2A1’s, G56A1’s….  We will work on firearms from FN, Springfield Armory, DS Arms, RAF Lithgow, SouthWest Mfg Grp, or any stuff from Specialized Armament.  All other items need inspection/approval.
AK400   Warsaw Pact Weapons
AK-47, AKM, AK-74, AKS-74, AKS-74U, RPD – Bulgarian, East German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and other variants, hundreds of various mods and upgrades:  front trunnions, rear trunnions, special rivets and pins, TIG welding, machining, down-folders, side-folders, extensive AKS-74U mods, barrel work, threads, bushings, sights, gas-blocks, and so on.
SG500 SIG 55X Series:  Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft
Stgw 90, PE 90, SG 550, SG 551, SG 552, SG 553 – special barrel work mostly, using SA designed receiver and barrel tools.  At this point, we are somewhat disappointed with the American SIG Sauer 556 series firearms.  They are earning a reputation for less-than SIG quality – we are quite hesitant to work on this series.  Unfortunately many parts, including the barrel assembly, are not interchangeable with “real” SIG weapons. SA has also TIG welded Swiss sights onto several American SIG rifles.
And More...