Intellectual Property
Since my recent resignation and “departure” from Colt Defense LLC, I have received hundreds of e-mails and messages from police and military personnel across the United States and overseas—

To address some of the recurring questions and concerns about 2008 training and beyond:   Courses, Scheduling, Hosting, Outlines, Manuals, Study-Guides, Testing & “Certification,” et al.

The first question:  “Why did Ken Elmore leave COLT?  What happened?

Well, the biggest reason for my departure, 10 yrs is long enough as a “COLT Instructor”— for Colt Manufacturing Company, Inc (CMCI) and Colt Defense LLC (CDLLC). In my opinion, it is finally time for a new series of truly outstanding M16 : M4 : AR-15® training courses - without factory/sales bias, perceived or otherwise.  This will finally include the Advanced M16 Armorer Course and Instructor Courses, which I have only taught for the US GOVT.  I am also looking forward to the opportunity to work more closely with some of the other great people in our training community.

The second question:  “How can we get armorer trained and ‘certified’ if Ken is no longer a ‘COLT’ Instructor?

This brings up some little known and salient facts.

The existing M16 Armorer Course (that many of you have known as “the COLT course”) is already completely CERTIFIED (POST) in several States (including Arizona), along with the 1911 Pistol Course and others.  In fact, I am the CERTIFIED Instructor and the legal owner of the individually CERTIFIED courses.  We are presently working on course certifications in several more States.  To the best of my knowledge COLT Defense does NOT own the rights to any actual LE or Military training courses—at present.  ALL instruction has been outsourced/contracted since late 1997 and no development or acquisition costs have ever been incurred by CMCI or CDLLC.  Courses do not develop or teach themselves.

All materials presented in classes taught by me, Ken Elmore, over the past 10 years as a Consultant to Colt Manufacturing Company, Inc, and Colt Defense  LLC, are entirely my copyrighted intellectual property
the courses of instruction, lectures, outlines, hand-outs, study materials and tests, with the exception of the obsolete manuals CM101, CM102, and CM202, which were used very little.   Many of you have noticed the Copyright KENNETH E. ELMORE materials throughout the courses over the years.  Yes, I actually own the courses and extensive materials that I have been privately developing for well over 20 yrs—I have taught more than 300 classes in the US and Canada for COLT, the US GOVT, and Specialized Armament, as well as training ALL full-time COLT Instructors from 1998-2007 (gratis).  Yes, I also did hundreds of hours of consulting work on the book, Black Rifle II, advised on several magazine articles and engineering projects, besides being an advisor and “subject matter expert” for National Geographic Television.

The newer M16 courses, which I have been developing “in my spare time” over the past 3 yrs, will be truly broad-based in scope, covering “AR” weapons from ALL major manufacturers—strengths, weaknesses, problems, malfunctions, etc.  The course elements are “modular” in design and can be arranged to form various courses and levels within a one week (5 day) period.  If your agency/unit would like to host my “former COLT course” (for lack of a better term), it is available too—SA M16 : M4 : AR-15® Armorer (24 hr – 3day).  There are some sharp looking new CERTIFICATES to go along with these new courses sponsored by Specialized Armament—I will post the design and artwork very soon.

Specialized Armament (SA) is a licensed manufacturer, insured training provider, vendor to hundreds of police agencies, and supplier to the US GOVT—CAGE Code 1VKS2.  Our company also manufactured the special military-grade tools purchased by COLT and used in hundreds of armorer courses—roll pin holders, pivot pin tools, bolt catch tools, sight tools, ejector tools, etc.  Specialized Armament has actually engineered, modified, and manufactured hundreds of items used around the world since 1990.  Our company will continue to support COLT’s high quality products and the fine people who trust them—a COLT Law Enforcement Distributor since 1996.

In early 2008, SA will begin shipping a vast array of automatic weapons and special operations equipment to LE/Military training areas near you—weapons, equipment, tools, training aids, written materials, manuals, armorer notebooks, course swag, etc—presenting some of the finest comprehensive armorer training ever offered.  These courses will be run very smoothly and professionally with far fewer requirements for our hosts and host agencies.

I wish all my friends, colleagues, and others at COLT Manufacturing and COLT Defense continuing success.

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2008.

Fire for Effect,

Ken Elmore

Chandler, Arizona
24 DEC 07