Upper Receiver Group, Colt M4A1-SE

Price: $899.00
Part Number : URG002



Colt 14.5 inch M4A1 barrel assy developed mainly for US SOCOM.

Creating a nearly perfect copy of the US Military Colt M4A1 Carbine upper receiver group. 
Our custom SA compensator is pinned/welded/machined to create a street-legal 16 inch barrel assy.
The precision fit, machine work, and finish are a work of art.

This upper receiver group is EXACTLY like the photo.
Does NOT contain the bolt group or charging handle.  

Upper Receiver:  Colt Cerro Forge - "Keyhole" with the stamped "C."
Barrel: Colt early production stamped C MP 5.56 NATO 1/7 (Double Line), with all SA Reliability Package mods.
US Military side sling mount
Colt M4 military handguards - double heat-shield
Original MaTech military rear sight assy

Bolt Group Upgrade with Charging Handle Assembly

H2 Buffer Assy recommended.