Front Sight Assy - Folding

Price: $225.00
Part Number : 6940FSA-L



Folding Front Sight Assy - Colt LE6940 series weapons.  (Version II - Locking.)

This assembly must use the 6940 straight gas tube and will not work with standard carbine handguards.
Important:  The folding sight assy should only be installed on NEW barrel assy's.  Never machined for a Front Sight Base.
Yes, this Colt assy can be installed on standard Colt M4 series barrels if a rail assy is used.

Important:  Installation requires tools, fixtures, and knowledge well beyond most gunsmith capabilities.
This item is NOT returnable.  Your purchase is FINAL.

This assembly can also be ordered without the bayonet lug - special request.
Note:  Disassembly of this unit requires several custom tools and a small press.
SA will also repair or modify your assembly if needed.

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