Vickers/Elmore 1911 Course - UPDATE

Update - FEB 2021

These courses were rescheduled for OCT 2021 and we have people on the waiting list.
Unfortunately ALL training and travel was cancelled in 2020 for obvious reasons.
Now - DOUBLE unfortunately Larry has some serious health issues.  We all wish him a very speedy recovery.
Consequently, the OCT dates are no longer possible and may be pushed to DEC 2021 or into early 2022, depending on Larry's health.
This is the latest info.
Larry and I really appreciate the continued interest and definitely look forward to building some custom 1911's with you guys. 
Thank you very much.  Ken Elmore

1911 Gunsmithing; – 6 Days - This picks up where the Vickers Tactical armorers course leaves off and allows the student to build a complete custom 1911 from a box of oversize gunsmith fit parts. This includes complete details of fitting an oversize match barrel, slide to frame fit, fitting and blending thumb and grip safeties, trigger job, and complete blending of all components for a custom pistol. In addition, metal checkering is discussed and practiced on a limited scale. Recommended parts and sources are also covered. This is the complete package and is a great start for anyone wanting to get into building custom 1911′s. Students of this course have had very positive comments thus far, but this year we are moving to a new level.... (LAV)

Custom 1911 Builders Course (6 Days). This new gunsmithing course is being developed by Larry Vickers and Ken Elmore and it will be taught in the machine shop at Specialized Armament.

Max size will be 12 people.  (With 2 Instructors).

Stay tuned for further info and updates.


There will also be an Intro-1911-Armorer Development Course (2 days) taught by Ken Elmore:

This class is scheduled for 07-08 November 2020 and is only open to students in the Builders Course. The total cost will be $175 for both days.  (This training is completely optional, but will help most people immensely).

The intro course will follow the development, engineering and model/caliber variants from the original US Military M1911 - Colt Series 80 pistols.  We will work on Colt Series 80 Government and Commander models in this class.  Day 1 will focus on standard 1911 armorer skills, getting everyone up to speed.  Day 2 will center around custom 1911's:  Engineering, materials, measuring tools, fixtures and gages, tolerances, and basic shop machinery and hand tools.   Getting everyone ready to cut metal and start building a NICE custom 1911 on Day ONE of the Builders Course.