The Famous "Red Spring"

Extreme Duty, Extended Life, 28 Rd Magazine Spring for COLT/USGI “30 Rd” M16 Mags — MAG010
This unique & highly cost-effective spring is manufactured exclusively by Specialized Armament. As the backbone of any US “30 Rd” M16 magazine, the Red Spring will outperform & outlast many newer “chrome-silicon” springs costing 75%-100% more!
About The Red Spring
Original Design Objectives (1992): Develop a new generation spring for the COLT/USGI “30 Rd” magazine with a 50% increase in load rating and a maximum service life to be used in conjunction with the improved military follower (green).
   A. Significantly decrease or eliminate magazine related malfunctions in COLT M16 series weapons.
   B. Allow mags to be left loaded or used operationally for extremely long periods.
   C. Accomplish A & B without creating a prohibitively expensive product.
Material: Special production steel (certified)

Components: Iron, Carbon, Vanadium, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Titanium, Copper, Nitrogen

Required Minimum Purchase: 3000-5000 lbs

Delivery Time: 8-10 months

The Red Spring was actually designed, engineered and manufactured by 3 different companies: Specialized Armament, a small steel manufacturer, and a spring company normally involved in automotive and racing products. The end result is a fantastic spring that we are all proud of, being used around the world.

Contrary to popular myth, the red surface coating is an industrial dye used for identification purposes only—It is not a rust inhibitor; it is not paint; it has no magical properties; and it will wear off eventually or chip away over time. The ID color is only present to help avoid confusion with other springs.

“Maximum Capacity:” All enhanced “30 Rd” magazines sold by Specialized Armament use the Red Spring and green follower. These mags should only be loaded to 28 rounds (twenty-eight, two-eight, achtundzwanzig, vente y ocho, etc).

The Red Spring was engineered with an operating capacity of 28 Rds and it needs the extra space to function correctly with a higher load rating. (Yes, the other 2 rds can be forced into the mag without damage—take them out) It’s all about reliability.

How long will the Red Spring last? We really do not know the answer. For past 12+ yrs, several of us (and friends) have been testing (abusing) original proto-types and they just keep going. A couple years ago we chop-sawed an original spring in half, put both pieces back into a mag and it is still functioning! No, we do not guarantee this!

The Red Spring’s ultimate purpose is to enhance the basic reliability of COLT .223/5.56mm rifles and carbines in all situations.

(The Spring Team)