SA M16A2 Compensator

Colt LE6920 or LE6940
This is a Colt LE6920/6940 barrel which has been highly modified to accept our SA M16A2 compensator.
The muzzle device has been machined to align at top-dead-center, pinned/welded, turned to diameter and contoured to the Colt barrel.
Following this the Reliability Package (RP) mods were performed and the entire assembly was carefully refinished to US Military Specification, DOD-P-16232F Type M.
Barrel length = 14.500 inches - Legal length = 16.031+ approx.
Legal anyplace where your standard Colt carbine is legal – No NFA forms and No $200 tax stamp.
With the exact look, feel, and balance of the US Military M4 Carbine.
Colt Lightweight
The SA Compensator is machined to give the look of a crush washer installed.
— Precision Craftsmanship —