SA Barrel Nut Wrench - LT Gen III

This is the famous SA Gen-3 barrel nut wrench designed to install the LaRue Tactical rail systems for our Colt/SA Operator series weapons.  The previous Gen-1 and Gen-2 wrenches were more conventional designs with welded dowel pins, which broke under hard use.  This heavy-duty wrench features a higher grade of tool steel, a special multi-step heat heating process, and "pins" which are individually machined into the wrench head itself.  Consequently, the tool consists of only three parts - the wrench head, web, and handle which are all carefully TIG welded together on a clamping fixture.  We have been using this wrench and his brother in the shop at SA since 2009 — with great results.
The wrench above was used to build this Colt/SA Suppressed Operator for a local SWAT team.  One of many.