HK MP5/40k SBR

This unique semi-automatic-only Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) was custom fabricated at SA using German HK94 and MP5/40 parts, as well as custom pieces which were precision machined in-house.
The actual barrel is from a blown-up police weapon bulged near the muzzle. SCRAP. We carefully turned this barrel to MP5k dimensions, extensively modified the front sight base, and pressed the components together - creating a one-off German .40 Kaliber "k" barrel.
Internally several other parts also had to be reengineered, modified, or custom made. The receiver itself has EXTENSIVE metal work and TIG welding to include the special cocking tube. Unlike a standard MP5k this receiver is full length and allows the use of any MP5/40 or MP5/10 retractable buttstock.
The end result is a custom SBR with intricate craftsmanship and flawless finish.
A beautiful piece in any collection.