Effective: 1 November 2007

Ken Elmore has resigned as an Instructor for COLT Defense LLC.

Current management choices, personnel changes, and a lack of proper factory support has lead to Mr. Elmore’s final decision—after 10 years of continuous work and over 300 separate police/military classes.  Thankfully, all changes lead to new opportunities.

Beginning in early 2008, Specialized Armament will become the new provider of technical, logistical, and material support for a highly-upgraded, broad-base training program:  (POST CE credit in several States)

1)  M16 : M4 : AR-15 Armorer Course
2)  Advanced Carbine/Rifle Armorer Course
3)  The 1911 Armorer Course
4)  Advanced Pistol Armorer Course
5)  Special Courses:  US and Foreign Weapons
6)  Instructor Development

Ken Elmore will be the Instructor responsible for all course development, updated manuals & written materials, required tools & equipment, as well as testing & certifications.  This state-of-the-art training will be conducted on a limited basis within the United States.  All agencies/units which have hosted COLT or other special training taught by Mr. Elmore in the past will be offered time slots for future courses (if at all possible).  We are currently arranging most 2008 courses, dates, and locations—we will soon be looking at 2009.

Please, feel free to contact us any time by e-mail:


Best wishes,
From the Entire Staff & Friends at Specialized Armament