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The Colt LE6920HB was spec'ed and designed at Specialized Armament in the Summer of 2003, and is the second in a series of special production Colt law enforcement carbines developed to provide agencies and officers with unique features not found on standard production Colt AR-15 and M16/M4 series firearms. (The first in this series was the AR6320/6330 Police Patrol Carbine.)

In Early Fall 2003, Colt accepted the proposal and purchase order for the required minimum 300 LE6920HB's with the newly created 16 inch "M4 heavy Barrel" based on the 14.5 inch SOCOM M4A1 barrel (R0921HB). A production date was set for late Nov 2003 and all 300 units plus spare barrels, parts and magazines arrived at Specialized Armament on 15DEC03.

The LE6920HB was in fact produced exclusively for Specialized Armament and all authentic "HB's" originated at this company after arriving from Colt's factory on 6 pallets. The serial number range extends between LE014388 - LE015184 as Colt randomly pulled lower receivers from LE6920 and LE6921 production to assemble the small run of LE6920HB's. Specialized Armament has provided an authentication letter on Colt letterhead (no charge) to anyone who purchased one or more of these fine Colt firearms directly from us.

Quality Makes It a Colt,

Ken Elmore
Instructor, Police & Military Weapons
Colt Defense, Since 1997