Colt LE6920

Front sight base attempted by another shop and sold as work from Specialized Armament.
Poorly cut, crudely ground with a bench or hand grinder, and spray painted flat black. NICE.
This exact front sight base will be reworked and turned into an Operator gas system.

SA Operator Gas Block - Colt LE6920

Believe it or not - this is every part in the top photo except for the new stainless steel roll pin.
Yes, that is the exact same gas tube, all cleaned up and ready to go.
Look closely and you can see the taper pins machined into the sight base.
Also note the small blemish (ding) visible in both photos - under side of the barrel in front of the gas block.
After machining and surface grinding, the barrel assy was given a new phosphate finish.
(DOD-P-16232F Type M)

Upper Receiver Group, M4-SE Operator
The Finished Product

Customer supplied Colt LE6920 parts and LaRue Tactical 10.0 rail system.
The barrel above shortened to 14.5 inches and precision machined for the SA M16A2 Compensator.
The muzzle device was pinned/welded to create a legal 16 inch barrel assy.