Trigger Guard Assembly, M16A1 (Med. Gray)

Price: $35.00
Part Number : SB61970



Shades of Gray.  Fade to Black.

Here are 4 Colt trigger guard assy's. The first 3 are from the 1960's & 1970's.
The last one is a current production flat black part.
1) SA61970 - Lt. Gray to Gray Green
2) SB61970 - Medium Gray*
3) SC61970 - Dark Gray
All four of these parts are photographed on a Stanly/Vidmar gray cabinet, for reference. (Called "Vidmar Gray")
Even in photos, it is hard to accurately display these colors.
Obviously these parts are offered for collectors and people trying to replace or create a period specific item.

These GRAY parts are NOT returnable or exchangeable.
We will not get into the "game of gray colors, shades, and hues."

All parts are in new or as-new condition - but many are 50+ yrs old.  Colt military parts.

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