Colt Lower Receiver — M4 CARBINE (1)

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They look exactly like the photo!
ALL remaining receivers have "LE" prefix serial #'s.

The COLT, the pony, M4 CARBINE, CAL. 5.56MM, SAFE & FIRE are all stamped. 
The serial #, COLT DEFENSE, and QR code are cut by a computer.  (CNC Machine).

Colt M4 Carbine lower receiver - 0.155 Hammer/Trigger Pins 

ALL Colt lower receivers are registered as RIFLE with ATF.
Hence the "CR" serial # for "Colt Rifle." 
"LE" is the old Law-Enforcement prefix from during the AWB. 
You CANNOT build a "Colt Pistol" using these lower receivers.  Only Rifles and SBR's with NFA rules.

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