Colt M4 Operator - Suppressed

Price: $2,750.00
Part Number : 6921OPS



This state-of-the-art Colt Carbine has been carefully assembled using only genuine Colt parts, and accessories from manufacturers who meet Specialized Armaments exacting standards. The meticulous attention to detail can be seen throughout this weapon including the Colt gas system which has been modified to fit neatly inside the rugged free floating rail system. Since the precision fitted Colt front sight base was used, in its modified configuration, the entire factory gas system is maintained to ensure optimal performance. The Suppressed Operator is mission capable right out of the box and ready for any M1913 sighting system, illumination devices or other rail accessories.

Note: The suppressor supplied with this rifle is mounted semi-permanent. The rifle will not function without the suppressor attached due to the restricted flow gas system. 
This weapon is available in Semi-auto-only and Select-fire versions.
All National Firearm Act regulations apply to its purchase and transfer.   Police and Govt sales only. 

If you have a registered Colt SBR, we will be glad to help you with custom configurations.

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