Barrel Nut, 6940/M5

Price: $75.00
Part Number : SP65604



This barrel nut requires a special wrench that is not readily available.
Unfortunately - there is no way to build an "inexpensive" wrench for the 6940 nut.

SA originally purchased a wrench ($100+) designed by Phil Arrington.  (15+ yrs ago.)
And we destroyed it on the third barrel that we removed.

Yes, we have engineered and built precision tool-steel wrenches for several govt and industry clients.
Four versions:
6940 - Original design
6940 - Heavy Barrel
Colt IAR - Heavy Barrel (+)
Colt IAR - Torque wrench version

These SA wrenches are very expensive:
$100+ material, hours of machine time and fabrication, TIG welding, multi-part heat-treatment, and finishing.
We do not stock or actively market industrial tools, fixtures, and gages.  

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