M16A1-Pin & Weld Suppressor

Price: $75.00
Part Number : PW01-M16A1



After MANY requests, we are now selling this custom SA muzzle attachment, which can be installed on any 14.5 inch barrel and pinned/TIG-welded to create an ATF legal 16 inch barrel - with no NFA requirements.

These are the exact same parts that we use to do the 14-FIVE-16 custom barrel assy's in our machine shop.

Overall length (OAL) = 2.050 inches - with a 0.340 inch center through hole.

Slot Pattern: M16A1 - 6 slots, 60 degrees apart.

Material: Steel 1144 Stressproof.

Hardness: 40-43 Rc.

Finish: Manganese Phosphate plated ("Parkerized").

Threads: 1/2-28 TPI UNEF 2B.

Note: We do extensive machine work on these parts when installing them at SA, using special fixtures and tooling.

THIS PART IS NOT RETURNABLE - However, IF you or your gunsmith decides that this project is beyond your capabilities, you can send this part in with your barrel assy and we will do the required shop work. Full $75.00 credit. The part cannot be damaged, beyond finish wear/scratches.  Any cutting, grinding, or fitting will void this offer.