Barrel Assy, 11.5 Inch, R0933HB Commando

Price: $495.00
Part Number : HB933BA



Colt original R0933HB Commando - Heavy Barrel.
Chrome-Lined 1/7, Early 1990's production.  NOS.

Marked:  C MP CB, behind the flash suppressor, in front of the FSB.

Front Sight Base: F marked, Flat-Top

Barrel Extension:  M4, with 52 degree feed ramps

Handguard Cap:  Early heavy barrel carbine - no M203 receiver clearance cuts

Includes all parts in the photo and the front sight post, detent, and spring.
Some assy's do have the bayonet lug removed. 
Unless otherwise requested, the bayo lug version will be shipped.