Upper Receiver Group, Colt 694X, Suppressed

Price: $1,095.00
Part Number : URG-694X



This Colt 10 inch Special Purpose (SP) upper receiver group was designed for SUPPRESSED-ONLY applications.
The custom Colt barrel has a specially engineered gas system and other precision modifications,
Including extremely accurate bore concentricity and high-tolerance class 3A threads.
(Class 2A threads are used on standard Colt miitary barrels - looser)
WARNING:  This upper rec group will NOT function without its sound suppressor installed!

The item pictured has all SA Reliability Package mods for suppressed use.

Bolt Group Upgrade with Charging Handle Assembly

X Buffer Assy required.

NOTE:  Photo shows the upper receiver group with the bolt group upgrade (not included). 
It also shows an AAC 5.56mm sound suppressor and mounting device specially machined for an individual client.
(also NOT included).

These custom Colt upper receiver groups can be built with threading for your exact silencer.
As needed.  No extra charge.