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Starting as a rookie gunsmith and machinist in March 1989 while still on active duty with the U.S. Army,
SGT Kenneth Elmore began working on the framework for a small firearms and engineering firm, which has now grown into Specialized Armament - An established leader in law enforcement, government and private sales, focusing mainly on Colt automatic weapons, parts, and training. Since 1990 we have worked closely with Colt Defense and dozens of other companies to provide numerous custom firearms, components, and accessories. Today our specialty warehouse maintains the largest and most comprehensive inventory of various Colt AR-15 spare parts and out-of-production items in the United States.
Besides building individually modified Colt weapons for hundreds of Law Enforcement Agencies across the country and upgrading older Colt rifles and carbines for many others, Specialized Armament has also worked on firearms for private collectors, target shooters, security firms, the movie industry, training groups, elite military units, and others. From special projects to rebuilding and restoring classic military weapons used around the world, we are constantly striving to provide advanced firearms knowledge and high-end products that are unique in our industry.
Since its inception Specialized Armament has also designed, engineered and manufactured a wide variety of machine tooling and precision components for many proto-type, current production and obsolete firearms.
Our high-security machine shop supports a wide range of capabilities which include:
Small Arms Repair and Custom Modification
Tool Making and Materials Application 
Engineering and Design Office
Proto-type Fabrication
Multi-Axis and Rotary Milling
Lathe Machine Work 
Precision Surface Grinding
Multiple Pressing Operations – 50 ton, 20 ton, and Arbor
Welding (MIG & TIG) – Brazing (Gas & TIG)
Skilled Handwork & Fine Finishing
Abrasive blasting (multiple types – manual & automated)
Phosphate plating (DOD-P-16232F TYPE M)
Quality Control - Gauging and Inspection

A modern 10,000+ square foot facility dedicated to American Craftsmanship
As in the past, Specialized Armament continues to focus on dozens of independent and joint projects which frequently challenge the limits of our time and resources — to include:  custom firearms, mechanical design, specialty/advanced training, published material and research, as well as many other related endeavors.
The Company never sleeps...
Quality Never Quits