Price: $250.00
Part Number : SA99999



These kits can now be ordered -  Shipping 04 SEP 2017

SA99999 Tool Kit, AR-15 / M16 / M4 Armorer Class, Complete: $250.00

ST15200 Punch Set, High Tolerance, (6) Color Coded:
ST15211 --- Punch, High Tolerance, 1/16 Short, Silver
ST15201 --- Punch, High Tolerance, 1/16 Long, Red
ST15202 --- Punch, High Tolerance, 5/64, Black
ST15203 --- Punch, High Tolerance, 3/32, Blue
ST15204 --- Punch, High Tolerance, 1/8, Gray
ST15206 --- Punch, High Tolerance, 3/16, Driver
ST15300 Roll Pin Holder Set, (4) Military Grade (1/16-1/8):
ST15301 --- Roll Pin Holder, 1/16
ST15302 --- Roll Pin Holder, 5/64
ST15303 --- Roll Pin Holder, 3/32
ST15304 --- Roll Pin Holder, 1/8
ST15013 Bolt Catch Tool, Military Grade
ST15011 Pivot Pin Installation Tool, US GOVT (O-1 tool steel)
ST15020 Ejector Tool, M16
ST15019 Barrel Nut Alignment Gage, Precision Ground
ST15022 Sight Tool, M16A2 (4 prong) - Current Issue, front sight only
ST15017 Index Tool, 800M/600M Rear Sight

Optional Tools - NOT included in this set.

ST15023 Elevation Spring Tool, 800M/600M Rear Sight, US Govt
ST15033 Plier, Needlenose
ST15252 Gas Tube Pin Tool, US GOVT, 5/64, with shoulder
ST15041 Wrench, Buttstock, M4, M4A1, MK18
ST15216 Punch, H/T, 3/16, Short Driver, Mag disassembly tool
ST15051 Automatic Sear Tool, Installation
ST15021 Sight Tool, M16A1 (5 prong) – Front/Rear
ST15042 Bolt Carrier, Gas Exhaust Port Tool

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