(3) Lower Receiver Parts Kit, Auto

Price: $250.00
Part Number : LPK-003



This kit includes all of the parts that attach to the lower receiver except the pistol grip.
Does not include any of the buttstock parts.

Kit contains:

Pivot Pin, Spring & Detent
Mag Catch, Spring & Button
Bolt Catch, Plunger, Spring & Pin
Pin Trigger Guard Assy & Pin
Pistol Grip Screw & Lock-Washer
Hammer Assy (0.155), Spring & Pin (0.155)
Trigger (0.155), Spring & Pin (0.155)
Disconnector (0.155) & Spring (Black)
Automatic Sear Assembly & Pin
Selector, Detent & Spring
Buffer Retainer & Spring
Takedown Pin, Spring & Detent